• Begonia


    These sensational Begonias flower virtually non-stop throughout the summer months giving a wonderful display. They are compact and vigorous, with a colourful range of flowers up to 7cm across, making them ideal as bedding for the front of a border or in patio pots, containers and window boxes. Deadhead through the growing season to remove damaged or dead flowers and encourage new growth. Flowers June to September.

  • Mesembryanthemum


    Create a carpet of colour in borders and rockeries with these brightly coloured daisies. Ideal for dry and sunny positions around the garden.

  • Alyssum


    Delightful flowers, in shades of lavender, through rose to violet and white, are borne on compact plants above deep green foliage.

  • Sweet William


    An annual variety of Sweet William that produces a profusion of flowers with a wide range of colours.

  • Nemesia


    Masses of large, bright fragrant flowers are produced throughout the summer. Its compact habitat makes it ideal for pots, containers and the front of the border.

  • Petunia


    These popular plants produce trumpet shaped blooms in mixed shades of pale lavender, blue, white, rose pink, magenta, red and creamy yellow. Large, velvety flowers are surrounded by mounds of contrasting mid-green lance-shaped foliage. Create the ultimate summer bedding with these essential classics, creating a long-lasting shower of colour. Flowers June to October.

  • Lobelia (Bush)


    Each flower is quite small, but as they appear in such high numbers, they really put on a great show.

  • Lobelia (Trailing)


    Lobelia erinus is a species of flowering plant in the bellflower family Campanulaceae, native to southern Africa, from Malawi and Namibia south to South Africa. A free-flowering mixture, for baskets, containers or even as ground cover. Great for filling empty spaces and making your baskets looker fuller!

  • Aster


    Enjoy a close encounter with an aster that is out of this world! A distinct improvement over other asters, it will produce bushy plants that become completely smothered in large chrysanthemum-like blooms

  • Pansy


    These heat tolerant, summer flowering Pansies are the best on the market. Showcasing vibrant flowers in a rainbow range of colours and markings, they’re sure to brighten up any garden. They are perfect in beds or at the front of the border, and look superb in hanging baskets.

  • Marigold


    A carnival of bright flower heads, always cheery whatever the weather. Flowers June to August.

  • Geranium


    These beautiful Geraniums will bring lasting colour to your garden throughout the Summer. The large flowers in reds and pinks will brighten your borders from June to October. An old favourite and a well loved Geranium.

  • Nicotiana


    A bedding nicotiana with a full colour range and beautiful scent, that will bloom for months.

  • Salvia


    Salvia Red is an erect bushy annual to 30cm, with deep green, ovate leaves and dense spikes of bright scarlet flowers with bracts of the same colour. Grow in moderately fertile, light, well-drained, slightly acid, sandy soil in full sun or partial shade.

  • Antirrhinum


    A unique strong-growing dwarf boasting masses of fragrant blooms on every flower spike, and narrow, dark green, disease-resistant foliage. The mix features a fantastic range of colours. Flowers late May-September.

  • Petunia Surfinia


    A prolific grower and available in a vast array of head-turning colours, the classic Trailing Surfinia Petunia has established itself as an instantly recognisable staple of the British hanging basket. This iconic bloom is guaranteed to create a dramatic trailing display, producing lush green foliage and cascades of velvety, trumpet shaped blooms which are deceptively hardy.

  • Lobelia


    Dark foliage and deep blue flowers. Compact plants covered with tiny flowers throughout the summer, usually grown as edging for beds and borders. Bush variety.