In 2020 we are extremely excited to be able to offer an incredible experience to a full unit of 36 young people to attend EuroJam 2020 in Gansk, Poland.

Through international experiences our young people develop positive attitudes to their community and environment as well as being inspired to expand their own personal ambitions. They will develop competencies throughout the entire process that will make them more employable in the future. They will work hard to fundraise as a team and gain a sense of achievement and entrepreneurial spirit! They will connect with the local community and share their experiences with others.

The European Jamboree offers a unique opportunity for young people from across Europe to unite in celebration of the values of Scouting & Guiding. The European Jamboree in 2020 will gather more than 15,000 Scouts and Guides ready to take social action and ACT! (The event’s motto) Gdańsk is ready and waiting for the arrival of young, energetic and enthusiastic leaders of the future! During the Jamboree, the young people will address the challenges we face as global citizens every day. They will not only discover their potential and talents, but will take part in community service and act for real change!

To get there they have to raise between £42,000 and £44,000 in 16 months.